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Name: Denzu Shaka
Age: 17
Gender: M
Description: 5'10, 180 pounds. He has long golden hair and innocent golden eyes. He has a mascular build and a chiseled face. Girls absolutely adore his looks and won't leave him alone.
Personality: He's a stereotypical pretty boy. He's a player, a bully, a jerk, and he pretends to be cool around girls. He's dated almost every single girl in Petalburg and Oldale Town. He's a cruel guy, and he picks on anybody weaker than him. He hates it when other guys try to "steal" his popularity, his groupees, and his goons. He puts what he calls "insurrections" down with violence and emotional wrecking balls. He is a terror to anyone not popular. He has a battle cry that he uses whenever he's about to beat a kid up, or when he's battling. "Denzu the King!"
Team: Aqua
Pokemon: Lotad
From: Petalburg
History: Not much to say. He grew up in Petalburg a trouble maker. He's a bit of a bully, but he's extremely attractive physically, so girls have been throwing themselves at his feet. He got the letter at age 17, and decided to come.
Other: I hope this takes off. I just saw it and it sounds interesting.
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