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Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
first impressions:

this hack seriously looks good...

many obvious errors left and right (like the tv in a house at the first town, the hiker in the first route)

and gameplay wise

mother cant even heal for u? no pc to grab potions from? unavoidable first trainer then? almost died at the first route if not for trainer hax (mlg pro herp derp using leer instead of tackle) and that repel
I'm glad you enjoy it (wait, do you? you sound angry :x) at least. It gets easier after the first two Gyms I think. Your complaints/suggestions are taken into account for future updates, too, however... There is a PC with a Potion. I got one when I tested it, and I just checked again and it had one. For now, just think of this as a Skyrim-type Pokemon game: fun, but sprinkled with glitches/slightly OP enemies that'll be fixed later ;D
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