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This is my Alpha SU, it's still in the early stages, but I do want to know if the idea I'm going with is okay.

Name: Aphrodi Narcys

Gender: Sexually Ambiguous (Legally, Male)

Age: 16

Godly Parent: Aphrodite

Appearance: (What does your character look like? 1 Paragraph or a picture)

Weapon: Rapier;

Personality: (How does your character act? What are their likes? Dislikes?)

History: Aphrodi was born a "defective" child. Being born of man and God, that God being Aphrodite, no less, Aphrodi was born without genetalia (and, of lesser importance, no bladder). It was the decision of him live his life as a male, despite the fact that scientific reports also pointed to the fact that he may have been female. There were also signs that he may have been completely sexually ambiguous due to abnormalities in his chromosomes, but they just wrote it off as unlikely. Due to his androgynous appearance and mixed interests, Aphrodi was often made fun of and insulted in school, and the fact that he was dyslexic and had ADHD didn't help. However, when he arrived in High School and hormones kicked in, he was quite popular, especially with females due to his feminine appearance and slender yet muscular build. He didn't relish in how his "abnormalities" made him popular, in fact, he often cursed the fact it

Pokemon Link Species: (What Species, no Legendaries)

Pokemon Link Name: Pandemos

Pokemon Link Gender: Sexually Ambiguous

Pokemon Link Personality: (can be as long as you want, at least four sentances)

Also, a little fun fact about this one, this is the first roleplay that I've taken part in where I've intentionally made someone's name a reference to a character from a game, book, or show.
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