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    Lauren Linda Noir
    Mercury City

    After some minutes, Lauren left the bathroom with a clean outfit, and a clean body. She stretched out her arms and yawned, as she found her shower particularly relaxing. She would have taken a nap, but she knew it was time to get out and get things done. Heck, she had a Gym Badge to earn, dammit! Not to mention a new Pokémon to tame! She shook her head and snapped out of her drowsiness, then grabbed her bag and the two Pokéballs that were on the bedside table. And, after double-checking that she had everything she needed, she was on her way out.

    Walking at a fast pace she arrived at the lobby. She smirked, as could feel the excitement running on her veins, and getting to every part of her body. Laurie was getting so worked up, the only thing she could see was the door of the Pokémon Center, and she didn't notice the boy that had just given his Pokéballs to the Nurse who was in her way, and, given her speed, she was very likely to run into him and make both fall down. Wonder how it would turn out...

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