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    Greetings. I am in need of assistance once more, the fic still being my "trainer fic", except there is an issue of prologues.

    If I write a fic involving a pokemon journey, a distinction should be made early on to indicate that this story is different. To achieve this distinction, I must utilise a prologue.

    The indecision arises from the two types of prologues I can think of. There are two types I am considering. A monologue prologue and a future prologue. Now, both of these are terms I coined on the spot, so don't expect to find anything with google (other than this thread).

    A monologue prologue is simply put a monologue. A future prologue is an event which happens near the climax of the story. Both have their strengths.

    A monologue prologue, if done properly can help lay the foundations of your character. With a monologue, the character seems more rich. He is communicating to the reader with his thoughts, in a direct serious fashion which can only be replicated in an epilogue.

    A future prologue, if executed properly can lead the reader into the story with a desire to find out what exactly happened. This will net more readers as they will want to find out what happens, and gives the base for a stronger plot than the norm.

    Since monologue and future prologues are terms I conjured on the spot I might as well give examples to make up for my lacking descriptions.

    Monologue prologue:
    I think we can all agree that the highest praise is due to those who have fought their way to greatness from obscurity—who have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps—clothed themselves in power, and proven themselves worthy of that authority. I entered Spain with only a handful of men, fought bravely, proved myself a leader, and eventually—as a result of my exploits—was honored with the supreme command.

    Future prologue:
    The penguin pushed itself onto it's torn feet. My pokemon were at my side instantly. Eres had lightning lashing out of his body and there were icy fists hovering beside me. Eres hissed at the penguin daring it to move.

    It's eye glowed blue as it settled on me. Utterly disregarding the threat my pokemon posed, it waddled closer to me before stopping.

    It then laughed.

    Unquestionably, it was the Demon's laugh.

    Is a monologue better to set a distinction or a scene near the climax of the story.

    I would sincerely appreciate if you give me any feedback that comes to your mind.
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