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    Eterna City/Route 206

    Bay stood up and stretched. He could feel pain transmitted all throughout his body almost as if he had a needle on every inch of his skin. He found a tree nearby to sit under to grasp his surroundings and recover, he still felt exhausted and didn't know that his actions would have taken a toll on his body. After about an hour of cloud-gazing and internally debating what happened, he remembered the whole situation and realized first time that he ever truly used any of Flow's abilities. He remembered he was trying to go to Children's City and his instinct was telling him that some city was south or otherwise those Kids wouldn't have been nearby.

    Bay went through all that happened in his mind again. He was slightly upset that he wasn't able to fight but also glad because he probably would've died. "I want to find that boy with that dark aura and get to fight him one on one." said Bay solemnly to himself although he forgot Flow even existed.

    After a few minutes of sitting around Bay decided it was time to leave this place and headed to Eterna. As soon as he got right outside of Eterna he knew it wasn't Children's City as he saw a few adults in the city. He furiously swung his fist at a tree and cursed to himself.

    "Hey Flow any ideas what to do now?" Bay said impatiently. Normally this wasn't like him to be so brash and uptight but he was upset over how the course of things have been going for him. His mood wasn't improved by the fact that Flow didn't answer. Bay wandered around the City desperately for directions and, after spending what seemed like eons of getting rude backlash from the denizens, he decided that he'd be better off navigating the world on his own. He restocked some of his goods and with that he headed east of Eterna with a determined look on his face.

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