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I think it's ridiculous that there are places where you have to pay through the nose for healthcare, something which you require in circumstances beyond your control. In the UK we have the NHS, the National Healthcare Service, where everyone pays slightly higher taxes but as a result part of those taxes fund the healthcare system and so people who need it pay no more than people who don't need it. I don't really see anyone complaining about the way it's done here and it saves lives both literally and financially. It's a fairly overloaded system so yeah, it's slow at times (but for those who can't deal with that, I believe that are still places that will do it privately for a price - not sure though, never been in a position where we've had the money to use one), but otherwise it's brilliant and I wish it's something that could be adopted on a much wider scale. It just seems really unfair in my eyes for someone seriously ill through no fault of their own to have to bankrupt themselves and possibly their whole family for any hope of getting better. Spreading it out across the whole population, even if the majority of them will never need to use much healthcare, is a much better way of doing it imo. So yeah, I think that no, people shouldn't have to pay directly for healthcare. The money for healthcare should be taken out of taxes.
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