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    Brock's "ladies man/delusional Casanova" humour could never get old to me, it just kept getting better & better & always made me laugh from the beginning up until the end of the DP series. Also his 'Paradise' song (or whatever official name it has in English) was easily one of the funniest things to come out of him. Not to mention he always knew his stuff as breeder & was of huge help to the gang. Definitely my all-time favourite male character to accompany Ash.
    Though I am currently watching Best Wishes & so far I have no complaints about the Cilan character: great connoisseur/trainer (apparently a good cook as well). I'm sure he'll get some decent character development like almost every other companion we've seen so far. However I don't think I can keep on watching the anime for the sole reason I can't help but find myself more & more annoyed with the whole experience wipe-off inflicted to Ash by the writers. I love the idea of him starting off fresh & training new Pokemon (which always ends up giving birth to a new power house adding up to his already established ones) but the amount of rookie mistakes we see him make at the start of every series is just too much. Right now Ash really is what's wrong with the show, his companions are fine.