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    Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
    That seriously sucks. They could at least take the region lock off the NA release so EU players aren't left out for so long. (That said, Persona 4 Golden is getting delayed outside Japan; maybe something's up that's affecting both?)

    Also, I think this was noted before, the mechanics are actually very user-friendly. Just take a short run through the Lesson Mode and you'll know the basics and then some. Overall the game is friendlier to beginners than BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.

    On another note (since I finally got P3FES off the PS Store), the ending still never fails to make me cry. T__T

    Finally, in other news, I've changed out my signature and avatar pictures; one is of Aigis, one of Kanji, and the last, of course, is Naoto. (In a short spin-off manga, Persona X Detective Naoto, she'd grown her hair out. Kanji is embarrassed to see a 17-year-old Naoto.)
    It's still not confirmed that P4 Golden is getting released in Europe either... But if I ever get a Vita, it might be on my to buy list with Gravity Rush, but I'm holding out on getting one until there's a 3rd game I want on the library and price cut.

    Regardless if the game is easy to learn, I still think it's always better to starrt out with a beginner-friendly, well rounded characters until you understand the whole mechanics and analyze how the other characters play. Between Mitsuru, Yu and Teddie, I went with the latter because he can shut down the former two, looks extremely fun to play, he has the best theme song and he's Teddie. Oh, and he has a Psycho Crusher, so using a character with a nod to my main in Street Fighter is always great! Kanji will be my other character to use because he's also apparently easy, just not as versatile. I still think he looks like a lot of fun so that's why I'm gonna use him alongside Teddie.

    See, after I'm done with Teddie and Kanji, I'd have already learned Akihiko and Naoto's strengths and weakness, their combos and how to properly use them. And thanks to Teddie and Kanji, I would actually have an idea of the match-ups and can use my knowledge of each character to my advantage. That way, I wouldn't get destroyed so easily and I'll have dufferent strategies to use instead of just just blazing through with the same one. That's why I wanted a versatile character since they usually have an answer to everything and can stick to their playstyle everytime regardless of the match-up, whereas Naoto and Akihiko can't.

    I can't say I like the long hair, just seems out of character. I also saw that there's a lot of fan service with a spin-off manga, but I never really thought of Naoto as a fan service character at all, rather the opposite actually. (Exactly why I even like her. Aside from being a detective of course.)

    I'd still read it though, since I'm a sucker for crime novels and mysteries. Is there a translation available?

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