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    Originally Posted by UltimateDillon View Post
    It looks like alot of your map inspiration has come from previous towns in the real games. plus the starting city looks just like the test map from pokemon essentials. excuse me if im getting you wrong. as for the rest of the features, they all seem like a great idea.
    not really "a lot" stannum city, and cyan city are previous cities to pewter city, and viridian city (respectively) but they are changed around, the last city (vinnum city) is based off of vermilion city, except during this time, its closer inland, rather than being a port, the other cities and towns will be original, as for being the test map, that is completely coincidental...I guess that looks bad, I had no idea it was exactly the same D: I'll work on changing that...and thanks for the comment/advice/critique?

    Hey guys, I'm working on a lot of things today, firstly, I'll remake the first town (thanks to ultimatedillon) secondly, I'm putting the finishing touches on road 4, and finally, make the new town, ardiger town!
    Also, I'm sure you will all be happy to know I have completed all the series of events that lead you to the underground library!
    and (thanks to alex) there will be no need of having a badge to use an HM move
    and as a side note, dive no longer exists (I never bought that concept...) instead, it is replaced by dig! Thats right, you dig your way underground!

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