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Originally Posted by mineox100 View Post
*downloads demo* AWESOME!
One thing, you might wanna edit the starting Pokemon, some of their moves are... horrible.
Well, if you buy Heart Scales at the Poké Mart, you can visit the Move Tutor in the Community House. Thus, you can teach them moves they could've learned before.

Although, I might find a way to broaden the variety of moves you can teach your Pokémon.
Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
maybe instead of just a battle tower you make the whole battle frontier (on a later release of course) additional pokemon from each conquered
Maybe. I will think about that. It's a good idea though.
Originally Posted by Achamo~Torchic View Post
This game... is a brilliant idea 83

keep it up I gonna download this once it's completed -for I am too lazy to get betas-
Keep up the good work!
Will do, and thanks for leaving a positive comment!
Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
This seems to be a great game well I'm gonna sign-up hoping to be in this game!

*Required Section*
Preferred In-Game Name: Tajaros
Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
Pokémon #1: Braviary
Pokémon #2: Metagross
Pokémon #3: Gyarados
Pokémon #4: Charizard
Pokemon #5: Lucario
Pokémon #6: Zoroark (I want this to be the strongest! )

Overworld Speech:

Hey there!
So you're (playername), huh?
I've been hearing rumors about you
let me see how good you are!

Battle End Victory Speech: (Is this the speech to be said when you lose?, if that's the case this one's right )

Heh, it seems you're not that
strong as they've said...

Battle End Loss Speech: (Is this the speech when you win against the Trainer?)

So, it really is True...

Here's another speech it's after the battle when you win against he trainer:

More, and more Trainers are getting
stronger by the time...

I should get on with my Training...

Custom Graphic:

Well good progress on this I wish you the best of luck!
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