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Name: Brown Matthews
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Godly Parent: Dionysus
Appearance: Brown is about about six feet tall, coupled with rather long arms, he appears to be rather lanky at first glance. Although he is a long body, calling him thin would be quite an injustice. With an athletic build, Brown has great muscle tone. Far from buff, but he is muscular enough to fill out most of his shirts. Brown’s skin tone is a light shade of brown, a bit darker than tan. His hair is naturally curly and forms a medium sized afro-like shape. His eyes are a dark gray color, naturally, people assume they are color contacts.

Like most campers, Brown wears the standard orange Camp Half-blood tee-shirt, and like most of his attire, he fills the shirt in rather nicely. When he isn’t feeling the camp spirit, he sports a white zipped hoodie. He wears a pair of black adidas shorts that fall right below his knees and usually is seen with his old beat up J’s.

Weapon: Crossbow; The ability to manipulate various plants, especially grape vines and poisonous ones and immunity to toxins, poisons, and the negative side effects of alcoholic beverages. Brown can cure insanity, in rare cases he can also induce insanity for short periods of time.

Personality: Brown has a tendency to want to be a tad different than others. And it helps that his father, Dionysus, rarely mingles with mortal woman, making him one of his few children. Brown’s a pretty confident dude, confident, but humble. He tends to be a jokester on the side, playing harmless pranks on campers, especially rookies, just to give them a warm welcome to camp life. Due to his want to do things a little bit differently, Brown often attempts to flirt with the hunters of Artemis, well aware that his efforts might as well be of better use on cans of tuna. He also is addicted to wine and other alcoholic drinks, but mostly wine. It’s sort of like a drug to him, without the side effects of course. When he hasn’t had his wine or alcoholic fix for at least a week, he tends to get strong withdraws. Very few things displease Brown, he usually just goes with the flow.

History: Brown’s blood mother was an alcoholic mess and was on the edge of insanity. Dionysus was the cause of her drinking problems and his departure followed by Brown’s birth drove his mother over the brink of insanity. Deemed unfit to raise a child, Brown was immediately put up for adoption, separating Brown from Demetrius, who stayed behind to care for his mother. At birth, Brown was a relatively light skinned baby, which often led to many close but no cigar adoptions when the parents found out he was of Jamaican descent. After a year of wait, he was finally adopted by an infertile couple in northern Maine. Growing up, Brown realized he was different, and he enjoyed every moment of it. He was obviously adopted, his parents were both Caucasian and he himself was half Jamaican. All throughout the early years of his childhood, Brown often mentioned seeing things such as mythical monsters, things that were often hidden by the mist to mortal eyes.

Once grade school started, the sightings happened less and less and Brown found other things to interest him, Basketball and Snowboarding. The introduction to school was also coupled with the realization that he was an ADHD dyslexic. School was incredibly hard for him when it came to the work, but Brown found his niche among the mini-athletes. In middleschool, he was introduced to his first drink via a game of truth or dare. It shocked everyone that he had drank an entire bottle of beer and more like it was just glasses of water. Word spread quickly among the town, giving him popularity as well as unwanted attention from adults. But that was the least of his problems, those monsters Brown used to see? The cyclops of Maine caught wind of his suspicious “ability” and Brown soon became a target. Days later, he and his parents up and left Maine without a word, it was almost like his parents were in a trance. After a day of constant driving, they had arrived at Long Island, New York, minutes away from Camp Half-blood. There they told him to get out of the car, and he was reunited with his link, Demetrius, who had been waiting at the outskirts of camp. After the short reunion, Demetrius guided Brown the remaining way to camp, introducing him to his new home. What happened to his parents after that became a mystery.

Weeks passed and Brown spent them getting accustomed to his new home, it took him awhile but eventually he got with the program. On the eve of his thirteenth birthday, several months after his arrival to camp, Dionysus revealed to him personally that he was his son. Being the camp director and all, it was slightly awkward at first, especially since Dionysus waited so long to tell him. In time, the awkwardness subsided and they went on with life as normally as they could’ve. His father also revealed to him that he drove his parents to insanity so they could bring Brown here safely under his control and that they were back in Maine safe and sound. Now five years later, Brown is an expert arbalist, as well as a veteran camper.

Pokemon Link Species: Ledian
Pokemon Link Name: Demetrius
Pokemon Link Gender: Male
Pokemon Link Personality: For someone who spent twelve years separated from their human counterpart, it’s like they’ve been together since birth. Demetrius seems to have a grasp on what Brown is thinking at almost all times. Although lenient, he has a tendency to advise Brown in certain situations, even if it isn’t necessary. Much like Brown, Demetrius favors the taste of wine but only drinks with Brown present.
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