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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
As for whether MissingNo should be a legendary, I'd have to say no. It's already made itself a bit of a legend, but only as a glitch Pokémon. It would really make sense for it to be made an official legendary either, as it wouldn't be able to get a decent backstory or anything without changing its origin, killing like everything it's come to be known for.
I agree with this completely x3 It would be cool for MissingNo to be a legendary, but it just wouldn't work based on everything surrounding the 'Pokémon' D:

Graphic details - don't read if easily offended! <3
Okay so I re-read the Top Percentage story last night and could barely sleep because of it yayayay. :D The image of the poor disfigured Raticate with the blood dripping out and... ugh. It's vile D: And imagining Joey's blood-curdling cry as he battles and that poor poor Ampharos having to have that thing attacking it... It's just horrid D: I absolutely love the way the story shows Joey's mind working though and the way that he even goes to the lengths of sewing the dead Raticate's flesh to his body in that way. But the description of him bleeding from the snout and getting severely damaged with each attack he makes and the screams and the cries and just... everything... It's kinda disturbing tbch :x Very well written though, I give it a 10/10 for sure haha.