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    He started it all. Think about it. If he never went on his mission, we would have never known it was possible for a human to step foot on alien soil. The first words of this man as he stepped foot on the moon will echo through the ages as a reminder that humanity will always aspire to achieve ever greater things. Its really not fair that time ran out for Neil Armstrong before we could really find out for sure if life exists on another planet, or before us humans could set foot on Mars. But no matter who is the first person to do so, to set foot on that orb that we know as the Red Planet, they shall not overshadow the memory of the first man to step foot on a planet not our own. Rest in Peace, Neil Armstrong, and know that your actions shall never be forgotten.

    Neil Armstrong died today following complications from heart surgery that he had several weeks ago. Please leave your comments and feelings about this tragedy here.

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