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    And the winners are...

    1st Place - Spherical Ice

    The fur looks much better with the shading, and it's much better than the original. I originally thought that highlights on the fur could 'damage' it but it worked out very well will the clean look. The colours are simple but amazing.

    2nd Place - Gerokunz

    The colours make this recolour clean and slick. I honestly think this is amazing and the extra shading is not needed. It has a Summer and bright look to it, and the yellow was a great touch.

    3rd Place - Daniel Evans

    The colours on Haxorus work exceptionally well. 3rd place wasn't easy to choose as there were other great recolours as well. But with some recolours, I mainly thought the problem was the choice of Pokemon which played a big part of this WPC.

    Honourable mention(s)


    As a first entry, I thought it was a simple, clean and great example of what needed to be done this WPC.


    Great to see you again at this week. The shading is nice along with the highlights but again, I felt Blaziken's design made it difficult to maintain a clean and cool theme, the patterns on the feet make the sprite much darker as a whole.

    Note: I'm assuming there were problems with the art program or uploading the image, so I have ignored the fact that Cool Cobalt was slightly altered in some sprites. Sprites like the Flareon and Lumineon does not contain the assigned Cool Cobalt colour, but this mishap is ignored. I triple checked. ):

    Congratulations! See you all next week. And don't forget to check the WPC Medal Ledger to see previous winners.