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    Originally Posted by UltimateDillon View Post
    Sorry if I've created more work for you. I just think that, if you leave it like that, people may accuse you of stealing maps and stuff. The maps are really great.
    no, infact is better you told me now! I totally didnt even know, It was the first map I made, so I probably wasnt thinking about my game as it is now, and I havent seen the test map since the first day I started this project, so thank xDD

    UPDATE: Everything Is going according to plan! and there is a big side quest to get to the secret library! it should be fun! and I'm planning on a demo by sunday evening, or some time monday

    I just had an idea for the professor! (granted, I have been watching too much full metal alchemist...) the professor is an alchemist who created a way to capture pokemon, and has devoted his life to the research and study of these bizarre, fascinating creatures. Name: Alchemist Raeken (I like it, but any other suggestions would be nice)

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