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Those are pretty cool. I'll add them to the initial post. What I really need is a large banner for the initial post with a picture of Slowpoke (mascot of the Slow Learner Challenge) wearing one of those graduation caps, that says "The Slow Learner Challenge".

Also, be sure to link your userbars to this thread guys. More advertizing means more challengers.

Update #2:

-Entered Union Cave
-Boxed Sandshrew
-Arrived in Azalea Town
-Crushed Team Rocket
-Crushed Bugsy
-Crushed Rival for the second time

I die a little inside each time I say 'Keep Old Moves'. But, I have fallen in love with the attack Rage.

Current Team:

Lvl 14

Lvl 14

Lvl 15
-Defense Curl
-Rock Smash
-Rock Polish

Lvl 13

Lvl 14
-Defense Curl

Somehow I think that Dunsparce is gonna go far. I think I can pull off quite a strategy with just those four moves.