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Well, I know it seems nonsensical that there is electricity and technology in Purlamp, but that's because the town itself isn't primitive, but it is built to look like "one with the nature". Without electricity, the Pokemon Center wouldn't work.

Also, the demo is up-to-date with all 5 gym leaders in it. However, Route 16 doesn't have any trainers yet (Working on that), some trainers haven't been tested, so an unexpected error can show up.
If anyone is willing to test the game, let me know, so I can create an event that'll give you strong Pokemon on the beginning, so you can go through the game without any troubles.

Here's some new information about the new sidequest, "The Stargazers":

The Aehnka
2000 years ago, a part of Arala was inhabited by an ancient civilization called Aehnka. The Aehnka had a lot of knowledge in architecture, medicine, art, technology & mathematics, but, unfortunately, they weren't good trainers. They used Pokemon for work, kept them as pets, but never battled with them.
Fall of the Aehnka
The Aehnka lived in an area near today's Mt. Steen, in the great ancient city Naboru. The area itself had a lot of natural resources, so it was a good target for other civilizations. Soon enough, a group of people attacked Naboru, and a war began. The attackers, whose leader was known only by his title "Stormbringer", had something the Aehnka didn't have - Pokemon. Sure enough, the attackers won and took over Naboru and renamed it "Pokepolis" (I was gonna go with "Pokemopolis, but then I found out that there's something like that in the anime). However, Pokepolis didn't last long, either. The entire city disappeared, for a yet unknown reason.

That is the known part of history. Now for the unknown.

After the attackers, led by the Stormbringer, took over Naboru, women and children of the Aehnka were turned into normal citizens of Pokepolis, but the men were turned into slaves. They were forced to build a tower, made entirely of stone, that will show how great the Stormbringer is. He wanted to "reach the sky" with that tower. Day in, day out, the slaves worked on that tower, unable to fight back. All they could do is work over day, and gaze at the stars over night, thinking about the non-existing freedom. It is then that they changed their name from the Aehnka to the Stargazers.

So what has all of this got to do with today? This is all ancient, long forgotten history. Or is it? The Stargazers never completely vanished from the face of Earth - there are still some of them left today. There is one single difference now - they're all great trainers. And every one of them knows what happened to their ancestors. But that's not all. The Stormbringer himself is long gone, of course, but he has a heir, who is a very well-known person. This basically means that the war between the Stormbringer and the Aehnka (Stargazers) never finished. What will happen? Will you get involved? Which side will you choose?

So, what do you think? I don't think I was able to properly put the story into words, but I think this gives you a decent idea of what I'm talking about. I doubt anyone will really like it, but adding it won't make any huge difference to the gameplay, since almost no information will be revealed about this sidequest during the main game.