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    Oh happy day. I was looking at this a few days ago and when I saw the sign up requirements, I thought that I couldn’t sign up since I needed to have 100 posts (I have 73…errr 74 now), but I’ve now noticed that I could be a member of the community for a year and still sign-up. So… here I am.

    Preferred In-Game Name: Rags
    Trainer Type: Pessimistic Trainer

    Pokémon #1:
    Manectric (Male,Modest)
    Moves: Thunder
    Light Screen
    Thunder Wave

    Pokémon #2:
    Altaria (Female, Modest)
    Moves: Roost
    Ice Beam
    Dragon Pulse

    Pokémon #3:
    Banette (Male, Adamant)
    Moves: Will-O-Wisp
    Shadow Claw
    Sucker Punch

    Pokémon #4:
    Quagsire (Male, Impish)
    Moves: Toxic

    Pokemon #5:
    Hypno (Male, Modest)
    Moves: Substitute
    Calm Mind
    Focus Blast

    Pokémon #6:
    Breloom (Male, Adamant)
    Moves: Leech Seed
    Seed Bomb
    Sky Uppercut

    *Optional Section*
    Overworld Speech: Oh you want to battle? That’s fine, even though I'll lose...
    Battle End Victory Speech: What a wonderful surprise!
    Battle End Loss Speech: I suspected that this would be the outcome…
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