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    Maxwell Leggingsteele

    Hugin froze up as the Pikachu hugged him. Being a Flying-type, the Honchkrow was usually catious around Electric-types. He could feel small surges of electricity coming off of the rodent's body as he became paler and paler. Maxwell noticed the scene going on and chuckled a bit. After stepping back once the hug was done, Hugin shot a glare at Quillie who decided to pull some jokes on behalf of the bird. The Quilava wasn't intimidated by the Honchkrow's glare, so he just kept going for a few more minutes. Then something even worse happened. Hugin felt a very sticky collection of threads land on his wing, thus immobilizing it a bit. He tried to break the thread, but it was far too strong. So after giving up, Hugin sat down and made a displeased sound.

    "Say Vriska," Maxwell began, ignoring the crow for a moment, "Have you gotten any classes this morning? If not, would you mind me showing you around the place? There's a lot of cool stuff to be found here." He ended the sentence by making a half-circle motion with his hands, as if he was depicting a rainbow. "However, we do need to get Scoffers wing back in shape!" Maxwell said and looked at Hugin. The Honchkrow just shot him a meanacing glare and cawed in an irritated voice.
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