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Steven. <3

I like what you have so far, but I'm not liking the battle box. It has a nice effect, but, the HGSS Pokémon cut off at the top. Now, that's all fine and dandy, but you can see the ground/platform, and there's nothing there. I would say either get the back sprites from Gen V and insert them, or get an opaque box.

Second thing, is the Black/White grass tiles do not go with the colors and style of the HGSS tress. I would either recolor them, or saturate it a bit so it will at least blend in. On that matter, your trees are missing the edges that branch out on the inside of your tree clusters. I would fix that, it doesn't look too good, in my opinion. Also, your routes, from what I can tell, need a bit more... pizazz. They look really bare, aside from the grass, dirt road, and occasional trainer. I would give it some small trees, shrubs, a few more flowers.

Aside from my nitpicking, I like what you have so far.