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    All right, allow me to clear this.
    I forgot to add this to the Chapter, sorry for that

    As you may know, the ship visited Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and the New Republic of Unova in that order.
    That said,:
    Kanto people: You may post once before interacting with the guys from Johto; twice before the Hoenn guys; trice before the Sinnoh guys, and four times interacting with those from the NRU.
    Johto people: Once before interacting with the Hoenn people; twice before the Sinnho guys; and trice before interacting with the guys from the NRU
    Hoenn people: Once before the Sinnoh guys; twice before those of the NRU
    Sinno guys: Once before the NRU guys.
    NRU guys: Once before any interaction with RPers.
    That because you arrive in different order, you may say the ship docked before interacting with a RPer, but it's not necessary. Also, you may not leave the ship if I don't say you can.

    Also, if there's someone you want to interact with, but his/her region is not in the list of the region you belong to, it's because you can already interact with that person.

    My apologies 'cause I forgot to add this.

    What the heck is wrong with me? I'm forgetting important parts.
    The following goes for those who boarded AFTER Chapter III began, 'cause you're posting like before everyone else boarded.

    If you boarded before Chapter III began, then you're posting AFTER everyone boarded.

    Both posting perspectives will eventually cross.

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