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    <p>Name: Gordon M. Freeman</p>
    <p>Gender: M</p>
    <p>Age: 16</p>
    <p>Godly Parent: Apollo</p>
    <p>Apearance: He has a chiseled face, long bronze hair, and hazy grey eyes. He is about 6'4, 150 pounds, and his arms are as thick as a normal person's neck. He's muscular, and his thighs are hard as rocks, and he has abs like diamond. He always wears multiple pairs of the same shirt and pants: A plain white tee shirt with a sun emblazoned on it, and dark blue jeans. His sneakers are bright yellow with dark green shoe laces. He's pretty handsome.</p>
    <p>Weapon: Bow and the ability to heal his friends in battle. Since Apollo is the god of music, he has amazing talent with any musical instrument as well.</p>
    <p>Personality: He's a kind guy. He's not exactly perfect though most people would swear he was. He has a deep fear of water and lightning. He hates Mexican and Chinese foods, but loves Greek and all out American food such as steak and hamburgers. He's a bit of a flirt, and has been a player in the past, but his girlfriend caused him to change for the better. He's become a pretty straight forward guy. He's really friendly and will be kind to anyone no matter who they are. He is always courtious to adults. When he found out he was the son of Apollo, he started to freak out. He said, and I quote, &quot;NO FREAKING WAY!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!&quot; </p>
    <p>History: He grew up in the busy tourist town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He hung out with the outcast group despite his charming looks. He tried a little too hard to be popular and was cast out of the &quot;popular crowd&quot; within days of the fourth grade after an incident involving a frog and a scalpel that he prefers not to talk about. He had one problem in school. In literature, he would struggle to read, and in every other class, he would lose focus almost immediatley after it started. He was bullied for things like this for years until a good friend stepped in. Her name was Sarah, and he never forgot it. He began to hang out with his old friends again (the outcasts of course) since they had grown on him. He joined them in their interests and was labeled a nerd. At age thirteen, Gordon had seen an unnaturally large dog with FLAMES coming out of his nose. When he told his mom about it, she decided to tell Ben that Apollo was his father. She broke the news to him, and he began to freak out until she made him promise to not tell anyone or even mention it, or dark things would happen. He was disappointed that it wasn't to be out, but lived with it. He was never one to argue with an adult. He would go to Camp Half-Blood every single summer. Whenever his friends asked where he went, he would just cover it up with a well thought out scheme.</p>
    <p>He wasn't rich, but he definitley wasn't poor. He was right around mid middle class. He grew up getting most things he asked for and most things he could want. The one thing he wanted that he couldn't get enough of was love. He was always sweet, but he took it to a new level, flirting with every girl in school. He dated multiple girls until he eventually met a girl by the name of Sarah, who changed him forever at the age of fourteen. He loved Sarah with all his heart, and desperatley wanted to tell her his secret, but reluctatly refrained. He became the nice guy in school. Everyone liked him except for one person: the school principal. The principal wanted him expelled for multiple reasons that he made up as he went. He eventually turned 16 and got his driver's license and first car: a Chevy Camaro from 1986 that he had refurbished. His next birthday is in exactly one week.</p>
    <p>Pokemon Link Species: Dragonite</p>
    <p>Pokemon Link Name: Drakos</p>
    <p>Pokemon Link Gender: Male</p>
    <p>Pokemon Link Personality: He's rambunctious and violent in battle. He is really friendly out of it, and has a huge appetite. Drakos is very defensive, and will protect his friends to the death. Fighting evil is what he dreams of.</p>
    <p>Activities Whike at Camp: Gordon has been at Camp Half-Blood for two years. Most of the time he spent there, he practiced archery, as he was the son of Apollo, he was already masterful. He met a bunch of other sons and daughters of Apollo, and came close to dating a girl. He declined her offer though, as he still had strong feelings for Sarah. He would never forget about her, and will return someday in hopes of marrying her. He spent plenty of time playing any musical instruments he could get his hands on. Sometimes he would sit out on the lake's dock, singing songs of his love while playing an acoustic guitar. He tended to eat meals with a Satyr named Benjamin. He always hung out with him. The awkward pair never left each other's side with the exception of showers and sleeping and other such things.</p>
    <p>How It All Went Down: &quot;Gordon, have a seat.&quot; </p>
    <p>The young teenager walked into his family's living room and sat on the couch. &quot;Yeah. What is it mom?&quot; he said in a confused manner. </p>
    <p>His mom sat down beside him, &quot;We have to talk. Do you know your father?&quot; She had a serious look on her face.</p>
    <p>&quot;Of course I know Dad. What kind of question is that?&quot;</p>
    <p>&quot;That isn't your real father.&quot;</p>
    <p>Gordon's head started to swirl. &quot;What?&quot; He didn't believe her. &quot;You have to be pulling my leg!&quot; he started to laugh nervously.</p>
    <p>&quot;Son, it's true.&quot; The man who had spoken walked out from behind a corner. He had a striking resembelance to Gordon. &quot;I'm Apollo. Have you heard if me?&quot;</p>
    <p>The youth's mouth gaped. &quot;As in...the Greek god?&quot; the man nodded. All that happened next was a blur of excitement.</p>
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