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@Hereto: Alright. About your app. Sorry about the wait.

You understand that Pokespirits are separate entities and not something you 'turn into', right? Rather, you fuse with them. You also do not take the form of a Pokemon. I say this because both of these things are actually against the rules even if you wanted your character to be different in those ways, as they violate the RP's canon in a rather extreme way.

(When you fuse, you are gain some Pokemon features, such as a tail, or special ears, perhaps a second set of arms. You are still clearly recognizable as human however.)

As a rule of thumb, at absolute most your character's face must still be recognizable as human when fused.

I bring this up because the way you phrased things in your app concerns me. (Similarly, while Hearthrome is in an extreme state of disrepair where I'd estimate at least 50% of it's buildings have suffered major structual damage of some sort, I wouldn't ever use the term ruins to describe it.)

Lastly, do you think you could explain who this group of adults he murdered are and what significance they hold to him? (Did he know them? Were they somehow related to the murder of Mike? If not, why exactly did he choose them and not others?) While I'm at it, is there any particular reason your character's parents decided they hated kids?

These details would make your history longer and improve your SU. c:

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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