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    Just finished playing this! I must say I really liked it!
    Tbh, I was sorta worried I would get bored of this hack quickly because its just FireRed going backwards... but with newly designed areas, plot twists(?) and new Pokemon in different areas made it extremely enjoyable, so kudos to you!

    My final team was (took a lot of grinding...)
    Kabutops - Lv 82
    Flygon - Lv 82
    Kingdra - Lv 83
    Butterfree - Lv 82
    Dragonite - Lv 83
    Metagross - Lv 83

    1. But I must curse you for making me go through Rock Tunnel all the way to Cerulean xD I almost through my phone at the wall when I met my rival after the Gauntlet lol

    2. My mom is a Psyduck... I mean a Pokemaniac... a guy...? xD

    3. I was kinda disappointed with the ending Expected more of a dramatic ending when I defeated Lord Slugma (with the help of Sleep Powder and Quick Claw...). It would have been nice if the rest of the Sevii Islands were incorporated somehow too xD

    But well done for completing it and thanks for making the hack for us! XD

    Ice Pokemon are the Best~

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