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Name: Lillian *Lily* Blackstar

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Picture of Lily --->

Lily is a very gorgeous young lady if you could say so, being the spitting image of her mother at her age, but with her father's hair color. She has silver to gray hair which she keeps into two pigtails, but leaving a bit of hair on the side of her forehead and in front. Her smooth hair is only matched by her beautiful eyes that are a very deep waterish color, you could say it is a mixture of blue and gray. Her skin is at the edge between Caucasian light and pale and has no bruises or scars from her treatment.

She is usually dressed in a wheat/sandbank blouse which has a strange writing on the middle, but looks very fashionable. Over her blouse she has a black jacket that has white sleeves. Lily wears a black skirt that matches her jacket. To compensate the fact that the skirt is a little too short she wears a pair of long white stockings and a pair of black sneakers with white shoe laces. She doesn’t wear any accessories as she thinks that natural beauty is the best.

Personality: Lily is not very talkative with new persons that she meets and she looks like she is a loner but this isn’t true. She just needs some time to get to know somebody and when she does she will show her true self and will be open-hearted. She is very smart and quick to react but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get things wrong sometimes….she’s not a smartass that’s for sure. This is mostly due to the fact that she is very determined in what she does and doesn’t stop until what she has on her mind is done.

Her strongest quality is her compassion, her love for others and her determination. If you are one of Lily’s friends or have made your way into her hearth you will be safe to bet that she will always be by your side when you need it. Lily has a kind hearth, willing to help anybody that asks for her aid and a very big sense of justice. She will put her friend’s problems above her own. Lily will do everything she can to know that her friends are safe and even if she looks fragile she is very powerful and packs a punch which will make you see stars. Recently due to some events she has become more of a loner and has shut herself in.

History: Lily was born in the Sinnoh region in the lovely and peaceful Celestic town. She is the daughter of the Sinnoh Elite Four Champion Cynthia and Steven Stone former Hoenn Elite Four Champion, now retired and lives in Celestic town. She was raised just like any other child that has a loving family. Her mother wasn’t always at home but she made sure to spend as much time with her daughter as she could when she had the time. Lily admires her parents and one day she wishes to take her mother’s place as Sinnoh Champion. This inspired her to become a trainer so at the age of ten she received her very first pokemon from professor Rowan. She chose a female Chimchar as her starter which she named Pepper. During her journey in Sinnoh she had a lot of fun and unexpected adventures.

She managed to beat all the gyms and get all her eight badges in time for the Pokemon League, but one thing was for sure it hadn’t been an easy path for her, even if her first four badges were won in her first try, the fight with Fantina went very bad on her first attempt. She learned from her failure and discovered that she was lacking confidence in herself. Along with her pokemon by her side and a Lily that knew that deep down she can overcome any obstacle if she trains hard and has her pokemon with her she challenged the Hearthome gym again and won. From then on it was a winning streak for her.

By the time she was at the Pokemon League stadium her team consisted of Pepper which was then and Infernape, a Roseila, Milotic, Froslass, Vespiqueen and a Gabite that she received from her mother as a Gible after she got her seventh badge. During the tournament she was a fierce trainer that the other participants feared due to both her good battling and knowing that she was the daughter of the Champion. By the time she got to the semifinal her opponent came up with a plan to win his battle due to a forfeit. He managed to hire somebody to fool Lily by saying that his daughter was kidnapped by somebody and he knew where they hid her but had no pokemon or help to get her back. Due to Lily’s kind hearth she agreed to help the man, then she would try to get back to her match. The man took her up in the mountains and told her that his girl was in a cabin. When Lily entered the cabin the man called out his Snorunt and froze Lily up and locked her there. Lily was found a two days later by her father and was taken to the hospital immediately. She had missed her chance at winning the tournament but so did her former opponent as it was soon discovered that he was behind the evil plan and was disqualified. Lily’ spent a month in the hospital as her frozen state damaged her organs and made her be more weaker and prone to getting ill. This was when she was eleven.

After that it took six years for her to recuperate and be healthy and be able to travel again. Due to the incidents she has shut herself and she only trust her pokemon and her family. The girl feels that she disappointed her mother six years ago and doesn’t have the courage to try again and entering the league, even if her mother assured her that she shouldn’t feel that way. Her father, Steven, managed to convince her to come to Hoenn and give a shot at trying to win the League as the region is trying to retake its title as a Pokemon League region. After a few thoughts Lily decided to go to Hoenn and have a fresh start. She left her pokemon in the care of his father and grandmother, said farewell to all of her dear ones and left for Hoenn. She thinks that this journey will rebuilt her confidence and if she succeeds she will be ready to face the League in Sinnoh. Now she is in a hotel room in Littleroot Town awaiting to get her starter pokemon.

Starter: Phanpy ( since it’s the last one obviously, but I think it will suit Lily )

Other: On her way to Hoenn, while on the cruise liner that brought her to the region a nerd kept stalking her saying "There are cat videos on the Internet! "


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