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Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
yeah the same problem occurred in snakewood where there wasn't any other space for ow's and so landon had a cool trainer ow and may too.
But it wouldn't matter using fr ow's at least use fr ow's that "fit " with the leader eg for roxanne use the lass ow and so on...
Also you will need a certain ticket to to hoenn ? And there will be post game events in hoenn with team magma and aqua involving groudon,kyogre and ( maybe ) rayquaza ? ( atif mentioned it)
Oh! DAMN! I can't wait for it !
Yeah exactly, we'll probably use the Lass Sprite for Roxanne, the Beauty for Winona etc, with everything else such as battle screen sprite, teams etc will be the same as RSE except higher levels obviously considering you go to Hoenn AFTER Kanto. As Atif said after you beat the champion we will try to implement some sort of events that results in you being transported to Littleroot Town in Hoenn.