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Requested Team: Zapdos! The shockingly stunning thunder bird <3
Reason for joining: I love the huge variety of bird Pokémon, ranging all the way from the humble Pidgey to the mighty Ho-Oh. It's the one variety of Pokémon that spans over all the types and has absolutely countless strategies to use.

Favourite Bird Pokemon?
I am starting to develop a big soft spot for Pidgey based on how much my friend talks about it, but my favourite bird Pokémon has got to be Murkrow. I've loved it ever since I first saw it and I found the whole Dark/Flying combination very interesting indeed. The image of the shadowy crow flying up high pelting down huge balls of dark energy is just amazing. I was very pleased when it was given an evolution, especially one as powerful as Honchkrow, but the only thing that puts me off Honchkrow is its huge beard D: It's such a powerful and impressive Pokémon but Murkrow has the cute factor which puts it ahead x]

Also may I suggest adding this picture to the first post so people know what bird Pokémon there actually are? c: