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Originally Posted by PsychoJigglypuff View Post
But I thought my reservation was 48 hours? Oh well, it won't take too long to get my SU finished.
Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
It said 24hrs directly above the reservation, he may just not have edited the rule.
Err, whoops! I didn't knew I wrote 48 instead of 24 in the first post, sorry!
But anyways, PsychoJigglypuff, you are accepted!
I also edited the first post so that is doesn't happen again.

And, romdinner, your SU is great, but there are a few parts that confuse me:

He managed to hire somebody to fool Lily that his daughter was kidnapped by somebody and he knowing where they hid her but had no pokemon or help to get her back.
Here you said that Lily has a daughter, but then you say she's eleven, so... yeah.
There's also a typo...

Then you said that she decided to go to Hoenn, and she took a ship to Johto, so... is it possible for you to edit your SU so that you can clear things up?
If you do that, you're accepted, in the meantime, you are pending...

Anyways, if romdinner is accepted, then there would be no more spots, but I've been thinking about adding 2 more spots (Spheal & Slugma) for those who also want to join (assuming there's anyone else), but, what do you guys think about this?

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