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Holly looked up at Haru and nodded. Molly looked down at the Munchlax and giggled. I guess I should get used to this guy and his pokemon... , she thought. "I got here last night. I'm in the Entei Dorm." Molly floated down to Void and looked at him for a while. "What's your trainer like? Is he nice?" She decided to try and be friendly. Holly looked down at her and smiled. It's nice to see her like this... she worries too much. She looked back up at Haru and smiled. "I guess Molly's feeling better..." She didn't know what else to say, though, so she turned her attention back to her pokemon.


Kayla gave up on looking for Rosemary and Primrose and decided to wander around campus. I'm so bored... but I don't want to go back to class. Yuri lifted her nose to the air and ran off. "Come on, not you too!" Kayla sighed and decided to wait for Yuri to come back. She knew that she wouldn't run away without a reason.

Yuri was following Rosemary's scent until she got tired. She looked around at where she stopped and was shocked when she saw Rosemary with Primrose."What were you two thinking? Kayla was worried about you!" Rosemary turned around and sighed in relief when she saw that it was just Yuri. "We're looking for Primrose's friend!" Primrose smiled and put Rosemary's pokeball down. "Yeah! She doesn't know that I've been caught, and I want to say goodbye." Yuri turned and growled when she heard something move in the bushes. She relaxed when she saw that it was just a Deerling. The Deerling walked over to Primrose. "What do you mean goodbye? Can't I just come with you?" Primrose looked at Yuri and then at the Deerling. Yuri sighed and gestured for the Deerling to follow her. "Let's see if Kayla will let you join us."

The Deerling smiled and followed Yuri. Primrose picked up Rosemary's pokeball and ran after them. "Wait for us!" Rosemary had been smelling a flower and ran after everybody. "Don't leave me!" Kayla smiled when she saw Yuri coming back with Rosemary and Primrose. She frowned when she saw the Deerling with them. "You guys just can't stop making friends, can you?" The Deerling stayed behind Primrose and bent down, trying to hide. She reminds me of Holly... maybe she can take care of her...
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