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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Welcome to the club Blues! Hope you'll have fun :D

Any specific reason you chose Chili exactly? I personally like him the best out of the Striaton trio because he just appears to have such an interesting, fiery personality, however I don't know about you.
Cilan Cilan Cilan Cilan Cilan ;; Chili just sits there eating donuts the whole time!

That is not how a gym leader should act! He just gets up and leaves his gym because he's having a tantrum then rather than doing anything about it, he rids the world of donuts like a complete pig! D: For these reasons, Cilan is the best <3 Oh, and he's also the most adorable gym leader by far:

Anyway, on to the topic!

Which of the gym leaders, excluding Brock, Misty and Cilan, do you like the most based on their anime appearance?
Cilaaannnnn ;; I'm gonna have to go with... ahh there's so many to choose from D: I'll go with Elesa! She had such impressive stature that it was great to see her working. The way she confronted Bianca's father was great to see and she was unbelievably friendly. Plus whilst in battle she was incredibly skilled and knew exactly what she was doing, and the twist with Tympole was great to see :3 I'm just sad that the battle wasn't longer, I'd love to have seen her fight a full 6v6 battle. It's a shame Ash was such a nub with the Palpitoad choice or maybe he'd have given her a better battle D;