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Sage Smith

Sage looked around the room seeing everyone had called out a Pokemon, and conversations were going on. "Alright class, you've had your chance to talk. Now, each student come up here and choose a poffin to give their Pokemon. After that" Sage paused and then gestured to the covered case on his desk. "we're going to have a contest that has a rare prize" he smiled setting the tray of Poffin's on his desk before taking a seat behind it.

Rosalyn Smith

Rosalyn smiled at Mr. West, "it's alright Sir" she said before thinking over what he said. "That helps a lot, I didn't think of doing it that way, thank you" she smiled more before taking out another piece of paper, she then wrote down that Normal types were weak to fighting types, and flying types were weak to Rock, Electric, and Ice types, and remembered they are resistant to fighting types. So that canceled out the fighting type. Leaving Belle weak to Rock, Electric and Ice types. With a grin Rosalyn set down her pen, waiting for the next instructions.

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