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Originally Posted by Taesic View Post
hey guys~
i had some questions
i can't seem to find dark cave anywhere =( where exactly is dark cave??
and i can't get my eevee to evolve into espeon...doesn't matter what time of day it is it just turns into umbreon =(((
thx in advance~

*edit - nvm forgot there was a map on the first page LOL...still don't know how to get an espeon thos =(
Two solutions:
"A: Check your Pokemon's happiness (talk to a lady in Turzoro City). And the time system:
In-game Clock (check the clock):
Daytime: 12:00 PM ==>11:59PM
Night time: 12:00 AM ==> 11:59 AM"


"Option ==>GBA Emulation==>Real Time Clock (for Daily Event and you'll need to use the save in game function )"
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