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    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
    Just started playing Yin Black... why would you have the player's mother give the player "Mom's Rod"? just sounds like an innuendo to me
    OMG LOL Don't say it like that, dude.

    JK, JK...But seriously tho, I woulda named Mom's Fishing Rod, but it didn't mom's rod it's like not a woman really have those part on LOL

    Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
    never mind, i fixed it. i looked over the posts here and saw where i messed up. I was using a US rom, instead of a EU rom. My bad. now it's working.
    Yep, yep...Always remember to use an Europe rom when patching this...It type of rom I used when I was making da changes and whatnot. :p

    Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
    I already looked at it...gave you a comment and everything. It was a good battle...Conkeldurr took care of everything.

    Originally Posted by TrollShammy80 View Post
    Hmm having issue with getting Yin Black/Yang White to work hmm...other 2 are fine and I know roms be clean

    Ok nvm sorry, I goofed
    Good. LOL I didn't halfta to get my hands dirty again. :p
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