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Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
So groudon will be in sevii right ? where ruby ( the key item) was i think. Also moltres will be in mt ember? And how will we be able to get to sootopolis ? I think you said that you will add dive spots ( i know that there's a tutorial )
But another way to get to hoenn is to meet steven and he would drop you off in littleroot with his skarmory
And thanks for not using event islands ( faraway island , birth island and. navel rock ) because i remember the issue with tbe event isles in expert emerald...
Yeah, Moltres will be in Mt. Ember and Groudon will be located somewhere in Kanto.

Just a quick update, I've been working hard on getting the wild Pokemon sorted since it was only edited upto Rock Tunnel, I'm currently on Route 14 but judging by the speed I'm getting them done a release should hopefully be out by tomorrow afternoon.