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    Maxwell Leggingsteele

    Maxwell turned his head at the Honchkrow, they did need to do something about that wing. Luckily, Vriska's Pikachu and Spinarak were helping the crow out. Such nice and friendly Pokémon... Maxwell looked at Quillie for a moment. The Quilava just looked back with a confused expression. The teen chuckled and grabbed Slackey to then put him on the table.

    "Slackey? Would you be so nice to help the others out?" He asked. The Slakoth gave off an annoyed grunt as if to say "Why should I always do the dirty-work?" and walked over to Hugin. The Normal-type noticed that the thread would soon be gone, but he still waved at the other two to get out of the way. Then, Slackey swung his claw very fast at Hugin's wing, and a moment later the thread fell off. The Slakoth then trodded back to Maxwell and climbed up on his head. After giving off a huge yawn of exhaustion, Slackey promptly fell asleep atop of his Trainer's head.

    "That should do it!" Maxwell smiled. He then started to gather his things. The teen returned everyone to their PokéBalls except for Slackey and Hugin, who he didn't have the PokéBall for. "Let's go Vriska! You want to see where you can catch new Pokémon? Well, just about everywhere! Let me show you around." He stood up and waited for the girl to gather her things before he started walking out of the Cafeteria. Meanwhile, Hugin snickered deviously as they started moving towards the great outdoors.
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