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@ Zarachi Unfortunetely, your character has a very short appearance, I really need to be able to picture him, so, what are his eyes like? How tall is he? Is he fat or is he thin? Does he has a built body? Does he wear glasses or any other kind f accessory? Does he have any scars or noteworthy features in his body? What's his skin color? All that stuff needs to be added for me to able to picture him.

Same goes for the personality, is he somewhat of a hot head? Is he friendly? Is he kind, or is he selfish? Does he care about others? What is his relationship with his parents like? Does he has any brothers or sisters, in case he does, what s his relationship with them like? What are his likes? What are his dislikes? Is he mentally stable? Does he have a fear or fobia? All that stuff needs to be added.

Long story short, you need to edit your SU a lot, so in the meantime, you're pending...

EDIT: Now, that's better!
You're accepted!

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