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What is your opinion on the board game known as chess? Do you play? Are you good? Do you have a favorite personalized chess set? Anything chess related, basically.

I love chess which surprises people, for some reason. I've played for fun for ages, and I'm decent if I can focus. I had the liberty of playing American Grandmaster Robert Hess once. It wasn't even one on one, it was one on thirty two (separate boards), I think. Thirty two. I wasn't the first to lose, thankfully, but I fell pretty quick. Thirty lost, and two tied with him. So no one won. It was pretty insane.

Anyway, I play for fun a lot. I've beaten everyone in my family, except mom, since she never bothered learning how to play. I can beat my friends. Except with them, I get distracted a lot. Go figure.
he did it, not me.