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    Hey, awesome hack, i rlly enjoy play every second of it

    One question, r u going to use pokemon emerald songs? cause i love the VS. Theme of Brendan/May, n the pokemon animations, n the double battle's with random trainers, but this is a great hack, just waiting when is next beta done xD

    I liked the project of Chaos Rush (Pokemon DarkViolet) too, but i guess he stopped from working on it, n this is one of the few hack's that i had found where u can go to another region (From Kanto to Hoenn) (except Shiny Gold n fakemon regions etc etc etc...) n if i find one someday where u start at Hoenn n then u can travel to Kanto or Johto (or both) that would be awesome...

    Btw, Chaos Rush added in his project to Leaf/Red (if ur a girl or boy ofc ) as another secondary rival, n that would bee good too, cause when U n "Blue" select ur pokemons at Oak's lab, theres always an abandoned and lonely pokeball, n it sucks a bit (for me), and also add Brendan too w/ May to the story (not just May) cause u cant play w/them here n see both of them n Leaf/Red too in the ongoing of the story would be great and interesting...

    Keep working on this amanizg hack, can't wait for next beta xD

    Oh btw idk if this is a bug, but Pallet Town play's a Johto music (idk from wich town )