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    Espii, wake up!> xena shrieked.

    i jumped to my feet to find laprissa standing in front of me, fully morphed, warding off some angry adults who had obviously found out that i had picked someones pocket. i attempted joining laprissa by morphing, but in my tired state, i couldn't. i kept trying, however, but it simply wouldn't work. by the time i finally morphed, laprissa was already finished. she then came and sat down beside me, wiping sweat off of her forehead.
    "told you you'd regret it," she said. i ignored her comment.
    "i wish ditz were here," i muttered. "Ditz was a ditto spirit weilder, and whenever i was too tired to morph, because i'm not a sturdy morpher, she would take espeon form and take my place until i was ready to morph. her real name is Emily, but i just call her ditz, because thats, you know, her nickname. she was sooooooo nice, but i couldn't find her when i wanted to say goodbye, and it made me sad." i looked down sadly.
    "Espii, Ditz will always be with you no matter what happens." laprissa said.
    "what do you mean?" my astonished eyes stared as laprissa's body suddenly changed completely!
    "Oh, i thought you might need a friend on your journey." she smiled. "i diguised myself as your brother's ring. here's the real one." she flashed the expensive onix ring, pulling it out of her pocket.

    xena said in awe.

    "i brought this so we could trade it for food and other supplies. maybe someone'll want it. i also brought 2 boxes of lava cookies for you, i found it in some adults' pocket." Ditz said.
    "Brilliant!" i looked at ditz admiringly. "why don't we head down to jubilife city, then head towards canalave?" i suggested.
    "sounds good to me," ditz agreed. "but we should be careful. seeing as all the food carrier adults pass by here, the adult camp can't be too far away. we should watch our back." so we gathered our food, stuffed it inside some random pocket of our pouches, and set off towards Jubilife city.
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