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The Leave/Return/Account Switch Thread

About this thread...

As you can probably guess from the title, the purpose of this thread is to announce your hiatus or return to the community. If you're leaving the forum permanently, going on a two week break to get life priorities straightened out, or simply taking a short leave to study for finals, this is your place! You are also allowed to announce if you've switched accounts here.

Keep in mind that both the official site rules and Main Street rules apply here, so please be courteous.

NEW RULE (04/23/2013): Please take all personal issues with other forum members to private message. We wish to keep the negativity and drama in this thread to a minimum. Thus, if you think that it can be discussed privately, then please opt to do so rather than discussing it publicly. If any further help is requested, please PM the moderator.

Remember that you are able to create a re-introduction thread if you've been gone and haven't posted for over thirty (30) days. You can post here if you're not keen on making a thread, however; it's up to you! A thread is just encouraged but in no way required.

Please don't ask questions here, as this is a thread to announce your leave and return to the forum. Feel free to check out the PokeCommunity Support & Feedback section for help!

To any future posters of this thread, I wish you luck with all of your future endeavors! <3


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