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Danielle Accola & Megan Sandoval

As a teacher, Megan would expect a few interruptions in her class, especially her first time. She took a brief sigh at Mark and his Ninjask. As Mark calmed the Ninjask down, the buzzing died down a bit. Now the class was less buzzy and loud than earlier.

Megan became a bit satisfied on the whole thing. As the class was quieting down, as well as the Pokemon, Megan proceeded to explain the next slide. There were two slides remaining. “We just explained type differences in terms of weaknesses against them. There are moves out there that power up both grass and bug-type moves. Like Sunny Day for example. Although Sunny Day is a fire-type move, it is powerful enough to power up any Grass-Type move you can think of. Solarbeam is one of them.“

As she went to the final slide of the presentation, Bree stepped down from the counter, and began to prowl around the classroom. She heard a sound from the outside. While being alert, she stood beside Mimi just in case, observing Mark’s Ninjask still buzzing softly.

“This is something you’ll want to learn, class. Bug Types used to be weak against Poison-types, according to scientists in a prestigious University. Poison-Types are now effective against bug-types, because of the increase amount of species. Scientists have found, and tested that bug types can resist poison-types, so they have ‘changed the rules a bit’. Now any Bug-type that gets hit by a poison sting won’t be affected at all.”

“But it’ll still get poisoned, right?” Danielle asked Megan, as she finished writing down the slide.

“It is a rare case. But it can happen to a bug-type. For example, Leah here is both a bug and a grass-type.” Megan presented her Leavanny to the class, walking up to her and patted on the back of her head. Leah waved to the class and smiled. “She has a higher chance of being affected by poison-types because she has part-grass elements in her.

“Interesting.” Danielle said to herself.

Megan walked back to the board and turned off the projector. “Bree, lights please!”

As Bree used her telekinetic power to turn on the lights, Mimi stretched out and closed her eyes, after a long several minutes standing in the dark.

“Now, I want to give each one of you a few minutes to go over your notes for the pop quiz. Then afterwards, we will head on over to Battlefield 7 on top of this classroom hall for our practice battles. Alright?” Megan smiled at the whole class. “You may work with groups if you desire. Any questions before we start?”

"Pssst." Danielle whispered to Lucia, poking her at the shoulder. "Wanna study with me and Mark?"

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