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Originally Posted by phonastik View Post
I think nostalgia is the wrong word, but I know what you mean. Something felt... familiar about it. Starting up Red with my friend, exploring a new world, finding all these new creatures. I felt like I was 6 again, but I knew what I was doing haha.
True. Nostalgia is not the word to describe this feeling. BW has often kept me thinking something like "what am I suppose to do next?" and "what does this do?" and "what level will my pokemon evolve?". Of course, it's been more than a decade since I first touched pokemon games, and I've learnt many basic things which wouldn't trouble me anymore in BW (like how to walk out of the door. When I first played Yellow, I was wondering why I couldn't exit the house and kept stepping on and off the front door carpet, and like how to catch a pokemon, because in my first game of pokemon blue I kept throwing pokeballs at full hp pokemon just like how the tutorial showed).

But still, it gave me a sense of mystery, and the urge to play the game even more because there is so many stuff that was unknown to me.
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