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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Lucia wrote down all that the teacher told them. Most of this was basic stuff, but this was her first class after all! Couldn't expect learning all of the advanced stuff right at the beginning. Anyway, she made sure to take studious notes and idly wandered what Roberto had said to Able. Well, Roberto was known for being bluntly truthful after all, maybe he said something to her? That was the only thing she could think of at the moment.

As the teacher ended her lecture Danielle asked her is she would study with the two of them and she nodded, "Of course. Should be easy none the less, was taught all of this with my various tutors." She said.

Roberto for the most part didn't care that he made Able angry. He had said the simple truth and he would just continue to say the truth. Well, except for one thing in particular.
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