Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Cobalt [Indefinite Hiatus]
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Aaaaaaaand we're back to where we were before!

I just want to make it clear what exactly I've been doing.

Back in 2011, I released the first Beta of Dark Cobalt. This is the one you guys have probably played. Sometime in late 2011, my computer crashed and the data on it was irretrievable. This meant that I had lost all the work I had done since Beta 1. That included a lot of bugfixes and small changes, so instead of doing all that work again I decided to start fresh and start on a new ROM. That ROM, however, also got corrupted, but not terribly, so I was able to transfer over the maps and most of the scripts and everything was fine. These last few months were me working on getting all that data back.

So now, I finally have an update for you guys. I'm getting close to catching up to what the Beta release is at, but I plan to add some extra events and stuff to do because I'd feel bad just rereleasing essentially the same hack with some changes. Anyway, here are some screenshots on the stuff I've worked on.

And finally, a nice selection of Lucrian's awesome fakémon that I have inserted:

The levels are not necessarily accurate, neither is the fact that they are all found in grass.

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