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Originally Posted by rainerman3 View Post
How is Grovyle's and Sceptile's :originally: signature move, Leaf Blade, to you? Does it appeal to you? Do you use it a lot, or do you think it just looks cool? Or both? Tell me what you think!

OH MY GOD! I basically only use this move on Grovyle and Sceptile. xD It's strong and it looks cool too so i basically only use leaf blade and slam. It kinda sucks that it isn't his signature move anymore -.-''

Pretty much what you said, lol. I've never actually used Leaf Blade (because I stopped playing RSE wayyyyyy before liking Grovyle) but I just think the animation and Anime depiction to be so awesomely epic gushgushgushgush

The Anime was just cool, because the three leaves fused into one and omg thinking back on it it's kinda stupid but there's something about it that makes it sooo cool.
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