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Originally Posted by Ęℓαчиıı View Post
Steven. <3

I like what you have so far, but I'm not liking the battle box. It has a nice effect, but, the HGSS Pokémon cut off at the top. Now, that's all fine and dandy, but you can see the ground/platform, and there's nothing there. I would say either get the back sprites from Gen V and insert them, or get an opaque box.

As you can see, I'm currently adding the GEN V backsprites.

Originally Posted by Ęℓαчиıı View Post
Second thing, is the Black/White grass tiles do not go with the colors and style of the HGSS tress. I would either recolor them, or saturate it a bit so it will at least blend in. On that matter, your trees are missing the edges that branch out on the inside of your tree clusters. I would fix that, it doesn't look too good, in my opinion. Also, your routes, from what I can tell, need a bit more... pizazz. They look really bare, aside from the grass, dirt road, and occasional trainer. I would give it some small trees, shrubs, a few more flowers.

Aside from my nitpicking, I like what you have so far.
Considering the current routes on show are the first few routes, there isn't much interest in those routes, like in the official games. The first few routes are just fields and such. Later on the routes should show off the 'pizazz' you are looking for.