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    A secret hidden from you - Chapter 6

    'Who are you?' Zane asked the boy who had saved them, now pointing his gun at him. 'What? You're pointing guns at the people who saved you? How nice.' The boy said sarcastic. 'We could've finish her off by ourselves.' Zane told him. 'Believe me, if she had shouten that fire ball at you in would've been over for you.' The boy smirked at the braveness of Zane.

    'I'm Jaden.' The boy finally said his name. 'You're not human are you?' Zeke walked past his little brother and made him put his gun down. 'No, i'm a fallen angel.' Jaden picked up the unconcious Aisha and answered him. 'A fallen angel?' Gloria repeated.

    'Let's get away from here before this room collapses!' Khaos pushed everyone outside as the stones kept falling down. He took a look at Jaden who was holding Aisha and kept staring. 'You're coming?' Khaos then smiled at him. Jaden nodded and smiled back.

    When everyone was outside again they saw a part of the hospital collapsing, it was the room they were in just now. 'Let's go back to my hideout.' Eve, who had been quiet the WHOLE time then said. 'So you're still alive?' Khaos asked the little girl. 'S-shut up!' Eve stuttered and started walking. 'She was hiding behind us all the time.' Gloria and Jamie said on the same time.

    'Let's just go alright?!' Eve shouted angry. 'We gotta make sure your friend gets treated.' Eve pointed at Aisha who was still unconcious. 'Khaos... What is happening...?' Gloria asked him sadly and confused. 'I will explain in the hideout, it's something i kept away from you guys the whole time.' Khaos petted her head to calm her down a little.

    'Tss, why are we helping her? She just attacked us!' Zane disagreed with the plan. 'Because she's our friend!' Jamie shouted back. 'Are you still not noticing that she used you all this time?! I thought you were smart!' Zane shouted back.

    'Stop scolding guys, she couldn't do anything about just now.' Jaden stood between the boy and the girl. 'I never got your names by the way.' Jaden faced the teenagers. 'I'm Zeke, and this hot-head is my little brother, Zane' Zeke punched the shoulder of Zane who was still pouting about the whole situation. 'I'm Gloria...' Gloria holded her hands behind her back and answered shyly. 'T-thanks for saving us just now...' She glanced at Aisha who seemed to sleep peacefully in Jaden's arms. 'I'm Jamie, i want to thank you too...' Jamie bowed for him to show her thanks. 'And you know me already.' Khaos told Jaden.

    'Huh?!' Everyone shouted on the same time. 'I will explain later, guys.' Khaos quickly waved with his hands and smiled awkwardly. 'Follow me!' Eve grinned and signed with her hand, excited about the long story. Everyone followed as there had fallen a dead silence within the group.

    Eve unlocked the locks on her door and let everyone inside before she locked the door again, even a 12-years old was careful in these scary times. 'Tell usss!!' Eve immediately sat down on the carpet and started ranting about the story Khaos was going to tell them. 'Do you think this is something like a fairytale?' Jaden asked the little girl who started nodding like crazy and smiled, Jaden sighed and putted Aisha down on a matrass in the room. 'Hey! That's my-!' Zane shouted but got smashed by Jamie.

    'To tell the truth, i'm quite curious as well.' Gloria admitted. Jaden sat down between them, a little bit away though to keep distance from the people he didn't knew. 'So... What is this? What is happening?' Zeke shrugged and asked while facing Khaos, then Jaden. 'The whole story or the short one?' Khaos asked. 'The whole story, please.' Zane asked irritated. Khaos took a deep breath.

    'I knew Aisha already, loooong ago, Jaden knew her as well, and so do i know Jaden.' Khaos started. 'It all begun when Aisha was still a Angel-' 'ANGEL?!?!' everyone shouted suprised. 'Ahem, no questions please? Thank you.' Khaos coughed and continued. 'Yes, Aisha is a Angel, and not just a Angel, she's Earths Guardian Angel.' Khaos told the teenagers, who listened to him with widened eyes.

    'Jaden and i had a argument with each other about... Something, anyways, we had planned to attack earth, i was still a bad Demon around that time and had a bet with Jaden that i could attack earth before Aisha would even notice me, we always did this kind of bets just to tease her.' Khaos started grinning. 'We both losed, again... Aisha noticed me before i could even reach earth, like always. She was very good in her work.' Khaos leaned back on his hands and glanced at the roof.

    'The three of us started a battle, Aisha wanted to stop both of us and keep us away from earth.' Khaos sighed. 'But we made her use most of her powers and energy and so she wasn't able to stop the devil from reaching earth, ofcourse she blamed us for it and we indeed got punished.' Khaos showed the scar on his face. 'We went too far that time by pushing her to the limits.' Khaos glanced at Jaden. 'I... Lost my wings...' Jaden added to the story while he looked at Aisha who was still peacefully sleeping. 'Aisha is strong, and she pushed us to the limits too, but no one knew the devil would strike at that time...'

    'It took her a long time to make herself a human appearence so that she could do something she never did, live between the humans.' Khaos closed his eyes. '4 years ago she found out how to make one and came to earth, but when she came, the devil, known as the dictator here, dissapeared.' Khaos opened his eyes again.

    'I first found it funny what had happened and was still at the devils side, untill he said i had to kill Aisha.' Khaos looked at his crossed legs and showed a sad smile. 'I couldn't do it, while Jaden and i teased her sometimes with trying to go to earth we kind of made a bond, a friendship, i guess that was also keeping her from killing us.' Khaos showed happier smile.

    'I became a good demon and left the devils side, he ordered the other demons to kill me but i had grown too strong for them.' Khaos grinned again. 'It's thanks to her that i realized i wasn't bad at all, so i guess it's only fair i'll help her right now.' Khaos stopped talking and seemed finished. 'What is she going to do when she found the dictator?' Gloria asked curious. 'She has to kill him or either lure him away from earth, but...' Jaden stood up and walked to the kitchen.

    'But what?' Zane, who also was listening with opened ears asked. 'Her faith is dying, she won't survive...' Khaos answered him, not smiling this time. 'Why?!' Jamie jumped up and almost attacked him. 'She will have to use ALL her powers and energy, which means her light will go out.' Khaos replied with a low voice.

    'Wait! One more question! If Aisha is a Earth's blablah Angel, then why did she attack us?' Eve brought up her hand like she was in class. 'Her light has been stolen, only a little is left.' Jaden answered coming back with a bottle of water. 'Huh...?' Zeke made a confussed face. 'A demon stole her light, that is what have been keeping her from protecting her beloved earth.' Jaden took a sip. 'She needs her light, if only darkness is left then she's a fallen angel, is she able to find her light back, then she can become herself again, her true form and save her beloved planet.' Khaos said to them. 'She is the only one able to become a angel again because the gods haven't banned her from heaven.' Jaden grinned, he probely did something real worse to become a fallen angel.

    'So... That was her fallen angel form...?' Eve asked. 'Hm-hm~' Khaos nodded. 'Cool...' Eve's eyes were shining. 'You guys are friends with a angel!' Eve turned to Gloria and Jamie, but they didn't seem to be excited at all, they rather looked sad. 'She lied to us... And is going to die...?' Jamie mumbled quietly.

    'It's just what she deserves.' Zane commented with crossed arms. 'At the end it's her fault we're in this situation.' Zane added. 'Didn't you listen to Khaos, bro? It's not her fault at all.' Zeke neutral faced him. 'I still find it her fault.' Zane hmphed.

    ' my fault...?' A soft voice asked from the sleeping place. 'Aisha...' Jamie could see from her side that Aisha had woken up and looked at them. 'Ah, our sleeping beauty has woken up~' Khaos teased but got a dead-glare from her immediately. She tried to stand up but fell on the matrass right after.

    'Need some help, my lady?' Jaden grinned as he saw how she tried to walk but fell by every step, she went over to crawling. 'You better watch your words, demon boy.' Aisha came closer, but when she did, her strength slowly returned and once she was close enough she clenched her fist on Jaden t-shirt and holded her other fist forwards his face. 'Everyone! Step back! These guys aren't who you think they are!' Aisha told the "normal" teenagers.

    'But he saved us!' Gloria shouted. 'Let him go, weirdo *****.' Zane had stood up and walked over to them, he punched Aisha in the face and trew her away from Jaden. Jaden glared at him and punched his belly, really hard...

    'Don't do that again.' Jaden warned him while walking over to Aisha. 'B-but i helped you!' Zane stuttered. 'I didn't need it.' Jaden answered coldly. 'Are you alright, Aisha?' Jaden asked the girl who just got punched and layed on the ground. 'Leave me alone...' She glared at him and crawled away.

    'What happened anyway? Why are you two pests here and these unknown people? And...' Aisha faced Gloria and Jamie but looked away again fast with a sad look. The two persons she tried to protect the most have found out about her secret.

    'Do you guys constandly have to ruin my life?' Aisha glared at Jaden and Khaos. 'I'm outta here...' Aisha stood up and walked to the door, leaving and running away. 'Aisha!' Gloria shouted but she couldn't hear it anymore. 'Jaden!' Khaos said to him, he nodded slightly and together they ran to the door, following the stubborn girl into the cold and dark forest. Khaos tried to catch up with her by flying but even then she was too fast, like a ninja. Jaden, the fallen angel with no wings, had to chase her by just running.

    'Leave me alone!' Aisha stopped and pointed her guns at them, one at Jaden and the other one at Khaos.
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