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Preferred In-Game Name: O
Trainer Type: balanced
#1: Flygon: Fly, Dragon Rage, Earthquake, Hyper Beam
#2: Metagross: Earthquake, Metal Claw, Meteor Mash. Hyper Beam
#3: Slaking: Hammer Arm, Focus Punch, Mega Kick, Solar Beam
#4: Swampert: Earthquake, Dig, Dive, Surf
#5: Swellow: Fly, Aerial Ace, Quick attack, Agility
#6: Typhlosion: Fire blast, Inferno, Defense Curl, Flame Wheel

Overworld Speech: The name is just O, and like my name my team is all around
Battle End Victory Speech: Your team just was not balanced enough, try harder
Battle End Loss Speech: clearly I must work on a good team composition

I know I'm very, very new but I Filled out as much as I could, I'm downloading game now.
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