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    I am currently learning scripting (on Fire Red), and despite tutorials I can't find an answer to the following question : I get it (because I found a list of flags used by the game) that I can't set flags randomly ... But from my experiments, it seems to work to same for variables, and I can't find anywhere a list of variables used by the game ... is there any I would have missed ?

    For the story (and maybe to make it a little clearer for you people, too), I was checking the game's scripts to figure out how the first battle against the rival was handled in Oak's Laboratory, especially how to prevent the green squares with a "S" in them (in Advance Map) to trigger the rival battle over and over again. At that time I only knew the "flag technique" to make something disappear from the map, but I couldn't find any setflag to do the trick ...
    Through experiments I discovered that some setvar play was actually doing the job ... ! In that case, it's the variable n°4055, the value to trigger the battle being 3, so in the end the value is 4 to prevent the first rival battle from repeating itself. But in some other map, I lowered the value to 3 and went back to Laboratory ... and (as I feared) the battle is triggered again !
    So here is my question (again) : the same way that flags do, variables' values seem to carry over from map to map if they're not cleared ... and it may become a cause of bugs since I don't plan to make a hack from scratches. So, is there anywhere a list of variables used by the game ? Or do I have to go through all the game's scripts to find out ?

    Thanks in advance for the help (and my apologizes if I made mistakes, I'm French).